download catering menu and price list Meridian Patisserie offers Catering Services tailored for different environments: children birthday parties, corporate events and functions or coverage of programmed or unscheduled business needs. Call us to discuss your requirements and we'll design a proposal to fit your needs. On any day we're prepared to cater for morning coffee breaks through to lunch and afternoon tea. Our range includes assorted sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, petite pastries, pies, pasties and more.

Try our range of platters which include fresh fruit, chicken, cheese and for those coffee breaks we have a delicious range of petite cakes, pastries, muffins, cupcakes and other baked goods. Give us a call to serve your next catering job.

Petite Danish $22.80 p/doz
Petite Cakes $24.80 p/doz
Petite Scones $19.80 p/doz
Petite Muffins $22.80 p/doz
Banana Bread - Carrot & Walnut $21.80 each
Assorted biscuits or cookies $18.80
(Serves 12)
Cheese $58.00
Fresh Fruit $38.00
Continental $65.00
Chicken Platter $48.00
Assorted finger s/w $20.50 p/doz
Assorted 1/2 cut Baguettes $46.00 p/doz
Assorted Wraps $46.00 p/doz
Petite Quiche $22.80 p/doz
Pies/Pasties/Sausage Rolls $22.80 p/doz
Spinach or Chicken & Feta Filos $25.80 p/doz
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