Pickup and Delivery Policy

In this Delivery Policy, capitalised terms have the definitions as set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

  1. Pick-up
    • We will advise You whether We are able to have Your Order ready for pick-up at the date and time requested by You when We confirm with You that Your Order is accepted.
  2. Delivery fee

The delivery fee for Your Order will be automatically calculated and advised before you pay for your Order.

  1. Delivery time
    • We will use reasonable endeavours to deliver the Products at the date and time requested by You if Your Order is accepted by Us.
    • We will not be liable for failure to make delivery or delay in making delivery for any reason whatsoever.
    • You acknowledge that in the event You do not pick up the phone number provide by You to Us or answer the door in a timely manner when we are attempting to deliver Your Order, We reserve the right to bring Your Order back to Our store and dispose of Your Order within 24 hours if You do not pick it up within this timeframe. You acknowledge that You are not entitled to a refund in the above circumstance.